Saturday, November 7, 2009

Not bitchy

So kids, I just came back from a much desired girly evening out. I met Sonali and Rak at Smoke House Grill and as always, it was awesome. We've known each other since 8th grade and still meet at least once every couple of weeks. We lost touch for a few years in between but something went right in the universe, and we all ended up back in the same city again.

So, let me go back in time and tell you about my close friends. I never had girl friends. I had a bunch of 4-5 of them in school, after which I always one close girl friends but my gang was always rowdy, nasty boys.It was always easier because I always stood out. But somewhere, a couple of years back, the girls and I reconnected and I have loved it ever since. The thing about these girls is, they aren't bitches. I don't like bitches and have a fairly clean record of not knowing many. We have fun. We laugh a lot. Rak's a boy. Ok not really a boy, but a lot like one. Sonali's such a girl! I'm somewhere in between.

The other thing about these girls is- they can drink! There's this unstoppable-ness about them...they go on all night. If you know me a little beyond this blog, you'll know my ability to drink is shameful. I get pretty happy with 2 glasses of wine. Things ran pretty much the same way today, except that it was 2 bottles. Now, I'm damn happy!

I'm 2 weeks away from the much awaited break. Its going to be Western Europe!! London, to meet friends; Paris for the romance; Amsterdam for the coffee shops. Monday, the Netherlands embassy blesses my passport (hopeful, me) after which, I can start telling myself to get throguh each day, as at the end of this dark tunnel, lies plenty of sunshine. Until then, lets hope the stars keep shining on us.

I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love these days, and as much as I don't like chick lit, this one's very well done. I especially like the self-deprecating tone throughout- kind of reminds of myself.

Peeps is asleep. I tried calling him but I think he's out. I'm not used to not chatting with him late at night so the feeling that somethings missing. Damn, people like him. Tough to live with and without.

On an aside, I'm putting on weight again, which is worrysome. I did an intense workout today, including 50 sun salutations. I think its the cheese. When the world is about to end, and I have one thing left to do, I'll dive into a pool of melted cheese. Any way, its time I start cutting this fatty crap out of my system for a bit. I do like myself better when I'm fabulous.

My eyes are giving in now; I better get some sleep. But I promise to breathe more life in to this blog. I'm considering using it as my weekly diary, so some day my grand children can read it and feel the awesomeness.

I'm listening to Umbrella and I promise, one of these days I'll have Stars tattooed on my leg just the way Rihanna does on her neck. For Star People.


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