Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flying to Bangalore

It's a crime to own a Mac and then post from a Dell. But since the Mac is safely tucked in its sleeve and I’m on a plane, I’ll just to what’s easiest.

I’m listening to Desperate Andy, a song I used to listen to during my Malaysia days. As a newbie in the firm, I would head to work wearing a black suit, with short cropped hair. I was living alone in KL. My team was all Asians, and stars. They always found India and Indians funny, but not necessarily in a bad way. We would all be working off a long table at our client’s place in Damansara. I would have this song plugged in my ears, humming and smiling while cranking through an excel model I was determined to demonstrate skill at. That scene would periodically provide amusement to my colleagues. I think it was the combination of the Indian girl, prominent glasses, razor sharp focus on the excel, the perpetual nodding as I agreed to this song in my ears, and a timid but smiling face, thanks to a torrid secret relationship. Those were great times lived.

Its Saturday morning. I’m on way to Bangalore for Christina’s wedding. The sun’s rays sharp on my screen. Peepu’s head on my shoulder and his long arms tucked in to my little white cropped jacket’s sleeves to keep him from being cold. The same song playing in my ears, incidentally. That’s when I think I should write.

I achieved a mile stone at work yesterday. Professional, yes but more personal for me. If you follow this space, you know my relationship with the firm is more emotional than atypical employee’s. This is where I earned my confidence. This is what rescued me from falling unfortunately in to the trap that often follows the IIM life. This was the only place I could work in. There was no choice. It made me back who I was meant to be and who I was through my early years, teens and college years- sharp, free spirited and fair*. This is where I learned to live alone and realize again that being alone was never a bad thing. This is where I met my husband- my companion for over four years - who taught me that it was those small hours, in which are lives are made, that will remain. I met coaches and role models often- people I wanted to emulate at work, sure, but more importantly, people I want to emulate in life. I often saw here that money is indeed incidental to great lives. Without going in to further love, I just want to say I’m happy. I’m excited. Of course I’m nervous!

I’m in Bangalore for the weekend with family. My fave people all together. I met Nidhi and Radhika last evening. My wonderful team was noticeably happy for me. Peepu and I have just booked our tickets to Malaysia, to walk those same streets I walked alone for 6 liberating months. That’s enough joy for me!

Desperate Andy is by the Cranberries and the chorus consists of Dolores singing ‘the world is your oyster, so go out and get high…go and get laid…and do whatever you want to’

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Flying over New York

I'm posting live from a plane. I love Gogo in-flight internet. I'm probably flying somewhere over New York state- from Chicago to Boston.

I'm nearing the end of a long stretch here. In a few days, I head back. Peepu and I fly back together. He will fly to New York from Los Angeles, and I, from Boston. We'll meet after 4 weeks. We'll need a room!

I spent the weekend in Chicago, with Kabir. I love the city. I loved it when I first came here 2 years back, and I loved it even more now. There's a ton more fun in crashing in a friend's studio instead of a fancy hotel. I saw much more of the city. It wasn't just Michigan avenue. We had wine and dinner at a local trattoria. I went running by Lake Michigan. We finished a bottle of wine while watching Mad Men. And then a few cans of Guinness last night. I even visited his parents place this time. I haven't met them before. Of course, I shopped. The hypocrite in me succumbed to a Green Tumi :(

The flight will land soon. To cut things short, it was an amazing weekend! I feel great about life in general. I'm sapppily looking forward to meeting the husband. I'm positively elated about turning 28. Age agrees with me.

Ok, need to shut off now. Love.

P.S. Music is Dirty laundry by Don Henley