Friday, March 19, 2010

Singing the song, singing this is the life

Good morning weekend. So I finally have pictures of my house to share on this space. Of course, I have more news: Just when I moved to my own place, lots else changed, which makes me nervous. I'll keep filling you in as and when things happen.....Gosh, that's my life.

Any way, that will come in piece meal.

I saw Love, Sex aur Dhoka last night and didn't think it was bad at all. There was of course the 'what's the point of it' reaction, but I never expect movies to make a point. If they can entertain me enough, or show me a new and effective form of storytellingc(as was done here), I'm satisfied. The topics were intense but not surprising. The actors were fabulous. I wish the Kareenas and Katrinas would see them.....would put them to shame.

Its the weekend, so I should have weekend plans too. Well at this moment, the flatmate is in Australia, the boyfriend and I are sitting at the dining table, with tons of sunlight coming through, him watching some stupid videos and me writing this post.

I'm happy its summer. I love summer. Its bright, sunny, colourful and I can wear what I want. On that note, I went to Cotton's last Sunday and broke my shopping resolve. Harem pants in many many colours, bright backless summer tops, what was not to love. So a part of my weekend plan is to wear these nice clothes.

It was the firm's community day yesterday. We went to a co-ed school in Islampur to paint their walls and make educational charts for them. I don't believe its very effective but I loved it just because I got to meet the little girls, we put up a performance and shared chocolates too.

Finally, here are some pictures of me and my life. Its funny, I feel safer posting here than on facebook.....

Lots of love,

Saturday, March 13, 2010


There are days when something's on my mind. I just decide to sleep over it as i know the next morning will be bright enough to make them seem small. So I turn on my side, think about bright sunshine and start to drift into sleep. Then, there are some of these days, when a few minutes after i turn on my side, I feel tears trickling down my face. Lets not talk about it any more

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Announcing the 3rd big change.....

I have my own apartment!

Ok, so I share it with someone, but after over 2 years of living at home, I've moved out. Of course, I was more than happy living with the parents, who are awesome by the way. But I decided I need to learn to pay bills, clean my room, fold my own clothes, spend nights alone, share a glass of wine with myself, and hence, I did it.

The house: 3 bed rooms, beautiful, lots of natural light
The flatmate: Seems like fun so far. It helps that he's not desi, so my life's easier
The boyfriend: Now 12 kms closer
The job: Again, 12 kms closer

I gotta feeling, that this one's going to be awesome!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Three big changes

Hello! Its Holi and I'm not celebrating. I don't mind celebrating once in a while but these days I really don't have many friends around who I'd enjoy playing with. Glass half full: I got my whole Monday to myself, with lots of chatting with mum and Dad, good food, plenty of zzzzz, and now 2 sets of work-outs in front of me.

So I decided to write because I'm experiencing a strange sense of pride. Now I'm not always larger than life and do have some small, cheap thrills too. Today, this relates to recent ka-chings. I have, recently, been excess-ing the shopping behaviour without even realizing the extent of the excess. I reached a point where my credit card bill for January reached over many lakhs, of which a large part was expensible but the rest was just my disposable income being handed over to evil hands like Bebe, Express and Nordstrom. I realized this 7 days back and decided to cut back on all expenses significantly, including indulgences beyond clothes and shoes. I'm happy I haven't used my credit card once since last monday and I don't intend to either. While saving money is the most obvious consequence, here are some other unintended benefits (and fallouts):

* Got a lot more sleep as all those afternoons I spend in shopping centers were saved
* Read a lot more, including Willian Dalrymple's Nine Lives
* Snooped around many many people of Facebook (hence, the use of the word fallouts)
* Re-visited the joys of Priya Cinema. This was not as straight forward. Mum wanted to watch KCK. We usually watch movies at Select City Walk or Ambience. This time, I had to avoud all temptations and hence, booked tickets at Priya.
* Exercised my brain a lot more- Peepu's in Miami and I need to think of things he can do on his free day, which don't involve shopping for me

1 week good going, lets see how this turns out.

The second big change in life has been straightening my eating habits. Now if you know me closely you'll know how I' ve tried every dieting tip and trick that exists. I'm not even close to fat, but of course, I have some excess all around. I'm maniacal about exercise but that's not enough and I do try to accelerate all efforts by introducing nasty diet regimes in between. Except that, after my stay at Ananda, I stopped it. I eat in the morning, have fewer cups of coffee during the day, have a filling lunch and ease out towards the end of the day. I haven't bothered checking the weighing scale but I can feel a lot more energy. Hopefully, this will go good too!

Finally, there's one more change which I'm shhhh about. It'll be final on Wednesday, after which I'll post it here but until then wait.

By the way, I didn't like Karthik Calling Karthik a bit. I was hoping for a colourful, fun and games sort of movie, and not another one about schizophrenics. Both issues close to my heart, but we need a halt to movies on schizophrenia and treatment of muslims in post-9/11 America and other such done to death issues