Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I'm blue today. I'm even wearing Blue. I have a ton of random thoughts going through my head, unsettling thoughts.

I recently married the man I love (its been 16 days) and I have seen very little of him since then. I don't like going back to an empty house.

I returned work 9 days back. It was my decision to take little time off but my heart burns right now.

I look back 4 years and 11 months, and all I can account for is my job. Yes, I'm lacking perspective. You must be saying "Remember Singapore days, living alone in Malaysia, coming back and healing a broken heart for over a year, getting in to an awesome phase of self love and independence, dating the new boy, the world looking prettier, 8 months in Boston and eventually marrying the boy". Yes, I remember, but let me spin this the other way: I have no new skills!!

I hate my period! Actually I'm sure I would everyone's period but my own causes me a lot of grief.

I want to give up meat but I'm not able to. I think I have a disorder where I see meat and I forget all else.

I have not worked out in AGES. I was a fat bride! But I still looked pretty :) I think...

I can not stop picking on my zits. I'm 27 and still have zits.

I got a set of seemingly kick ass noise cancellation headphones from Bose, but thanks to these I don't enjoy music any more. Well at least not today!

I have a plait - for the first time in my life- and I love it.

You know, its one of those days, but if any of you crosses this space and has 2 cents for me, please drop them off.