Monday, September 14, 2009


I'm still alive. I haven't been here much recently. I need to get back at it.

So I'm heading to an extremely lavish getaway this weekend. Its not like me to take off for the weekend to a place close to home, with nothing exciting planned. I'm just going to lounge by the pool, may be read a bit and spend an hour or two at the spa. When did I become so spoilt and unadventurous? Gone are the days when I would take 2 days off to go flying or mountain climbing or road tripping. Now I'm just a young, well-paid (knock on wood!), fabulous brat. Heck, who cares?! In a few weeks, I'll be back to normal. I'll commit a faux-pas at work, again start worrying about how I'll sustain myself if I lose this job, and get into bachat mode again.

Friday, September 4, 2009

One two three

One two three, the movie has phenomenal music. I never got around to watching this Tusshhar Kapoor (notice to change in spelling) movie, but its been a year and I still listen to the songs nearly every day.

While Rock mahi is a peppy one, the nicer songs are all the renditions of the title track, One two three. I'll leave a few lines from the ballad here....

Gaur se dekho duniya ki, ek hakikat hai yeh bhi,
sabse khubsurat tohfe milte hai yahan bilkul free,
Hasna free, rona free, pyar me pagal hona free,
Kisi ke gham se aankh milake, apni aankh bhigona free

Chanda ka muskana free, dhoop ka aana jaana free,
Cheene ke daane mehenge, par taaron ka har daana free
Chaubis (24) mein se chatis (36) ghante, maula sab ke saath hai ji
Yeh nazaarein duniya ke bilkul free, bilkul free

And here are some from the amalgamation

One two three,One two three
Duniya mein aana hai free, duniya se jaana hai free,
Dekh tamasha duniya ka, bilkul free, bilkul free ...
teri meri, meri teri, duniya ki A...B...C.D

The last one reminds me of facebook (yes, i still hate facebook)