Sunday, June 5, 2011

Flying over New York

I'm posting live from a plane. I love Gogo in-flight internet. I'm probably flying somewhere over New York state- from Chicago to Boston.

I'm nearing the end of a long stretch here. In a few days, I head back. Peepu and I fly back together. He will fly to New York from Los Angeles, and I, from Boston. We'll meet after 4 weeks. We'll need a room!

I spent the weekend in Chicago, with Kabir. I love the city. I loved it when I first came here 2 years back, and I loved it even more now. There's a ton more fun in crashing in a friend's studio instead of a fancy hotel. I saw much more of the city. It wasn't just Michigan avenue. We had wine and dinner at a local trattoria. I went running by Lake Michigan. We finished a bottle of wine while watching Mad Men. And then a few cans of Guinness last night. I even visited his parents place this time. I haven't met them before. Of course, I shopped. The hypocrite in me succumbed to a Green Tumi :(

The flight will land soon. To cut things short, it was an amazing weekend! I feel great about life in general. I'm sapppily looking forward to meeting the husband. I'm positively elated about turning 28. Age agrees with me.

Ok, need to shut off now. Love.

P.S. Music is Dirty laundry by Don Henley


geetlee said...

Megha, i love your writing!
I'm beginning a bit of a blog thingy myself and wanted to add you on my blogger dashboard so i stopped over. I hope I'm not intruding but you have a very honest and relatable way of putting things.
Stay this way always - beautiful

Star People said...

Hey! Not at all- would love to read your blog too! Hope you have all the neat pics on it too.

Keep visiting.