Saturday, May 28, 2011

By the window

All right I'm on Saturday. This trip has been filled with jinx and the closer I draw to its end, the better it feels. Its not all bad, I'm sitting by the window on the 15th floor at the W in Boston, starting down at Dunkin Donut's, the red bricked city sprawled ahead and the American flag standing tall in multiple places across the city.

I worked from the Boston office yesterday. I knew a ton of people there, which is always a good feeling! A long association with that address .....

Its pleasing to move out of the suburbs for the weekend. The W is of course a luxury this job some times offers, and I gladly accept. But you know if I ever quit my job, I'll travel in a totally different way. Land, sea, air (not but business or first), rustic (but clean) hotels, youth hostels (heck I'm 27!), no laptop weighing me down (a tablet would be goooood). I'm glad work travel is comfortable, but it offers much less to learn and feel, than the way Peepu and I travel otherwise.

I came in by 10 pm last night, after 3 beers and a generally cheerful feeling. I spent last night reading what I love most. And this morning, I'm doing more of that. I'm writing, working, occasional words with the family, a long and hot shower, sipping coffee sitting by the window, wrapped up in a towel, getting liberated by the music playing. I realize how much more lovely I am without clothes than I am with them. I'm certain most people are. We were made that way for a reason.

I'm going to get dressed, in the beautiful chiffon dress I got last week and step out in to the city now. Of course, the world is a little bit of my oyster right now :)

Listening to Umbrella by Rihanna

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