Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some more time in Boston

I'm in Boston again. Its getting sunnier. When I landed last week, it was freezing cold. I decided to fly Jet to sync my return flight with Peepu's, and what a nightmare the flight was! At first, it seemed tough given the 2 hops between Delhi and Boston, but it seemed doable. In fact, I decided not to sleep much to help the jet lag on landing. All was fine, till I landed in JFK. I was clouded by an awful sinking feeling- not one I've had in a long time. I guess I hadn't really thought what it would be like to be away for a month, and now the feeling was sinking. I was sitting by the boarding gate and just like that, I missed my flight. I didn't hear them announce the flight or my name. The next flight was delayed by 6 hours and after I finally landed in Boston, they told me my bags were lost. I was wearing jeans and a vest and freezing! Of course I didn't go to work on Monday. In fact, I went to mall, to buy work wear. And no, it wasn't fun.

Any way, the week has passed, and I chose to stay back in the burbs this weekend. I've seen the city enough and the burbs give me plenty of time and help me lose that need to accomplish something on the weekend.

So you know the last time I did this case, I didn't travel a single weekend. This time I'm hoping it different. I've made a start by booking myself on a 9 hour long flight to SF next weekend. Its a long weekend, and I haven't seen SF. Of course, people recommended NYC - after all, its the greatest city in the world. Is not! You know, I hesitate to say this to people, but I really find the city over-rated. Its fun for a couple of nights, but its just too loud and noisy. Boston has a charm and a way to relax you. New York is just the opposite. It stresses me out. May be that's because I'm an I, and increasingly becoming even more of an introvert.

So, I'm going to spend this weekend, in the ghost town of Framingham, doing much less. I'll spend some time in the Cafe, with my laptop, walk about a bit, go for a swim, work out a bit, read a nice book. On that, I just got a beautiful copy of Little Women, from Anthropologie- which is now my favourite store in the world. Its not a book store at all. Its just filled with beautiful things! Ceramic, journals, aprons, dresses, linen....and all of them really beautiful!

In other news, I was speaking with someone about the job the other day and realized everyone stresses a lot here. The job has a way of weaving stress in to our conscience. And we are nothing but a bunch of insecure over-achievers. I'm pleased to see I'm a lot less stressed and generally more content than several others around me. I hope it stays this way.

Peeps and I are getting used to the distance again. Its unsettling at first but very much a part of who we are. We speak briefly every couple of days, send each other long emails, smile when we see things that remind us of each other in our respective worlds and then, just look forward to being back, super soon!

That's it for now.....and thanks for reading through.

You know the music: Dooriyan....bhi hai zaroori, zaroori hai ye dooriyan. Its only apt!

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