Sunday, November 8, 2009

Good morning (does 6:00 am count as morning, or is it ‘just past midnight’?)

It’s 9th Nov. I promise, for the next two killer workweeks, I’ll smile my way through work. I will not touch HHC, Facebook, shopping sites or Travelocity (or I’m going to be terribly angsty if I don’t feel the week of 26th is well deserved, and to make sure I avoid that feeling while on holiday, I will work extremely hard (like hands folded, conversation to god happening). Also, if someone pisses me off, I’ll count to over 50K if that’s what it takes, but I will not be grumpy.

Its 6:03 a.m, Delhi is asleep on this misty early winter morning. I’m on my weekly flight to Hyderabad. There’s something about this flight that’s not quite. There are too many computers open, including my own, and almost everyone is travelling on work. Too many men suited up and nearly no women on this flight- so typical of corporate India!

My strong Costa Cappuccino saves my morning. Good morning world. I’m ready to take you on. Since I can’t fight you with curses, I’ll tame you with love.

The attendants are looking at me- I better shut down. I’m plugging in the music; I don’t know what its going to be. I’ll see you on the other side.


SGB said...

but i was up and about at 6:00 am !

The White Phoenix said...

Someone's blogging left, right, and centre. Kya baat hai ??? :P