Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My early morning

Its 6:30 am and I'm up! And fresh! I got enough sleep. Gotta love this life; I slept a whole 8 hours.

So last night when I returned to the hotel, I had 40 minutes between when I got in and a client call. I decided to try a power work-out, which in retrospect was so easy. I should do this more often. Now that I'm up so early (6:30 IS early for Hyderabad days; I don't leave the hotel until 9), I'm going to do another power work-out. My power work-out consists of 50 sun salutations, crunches, arms and legs exercises....which I have no idea why I feel the need to explain.

In other news, my team won the Asia Pac award for the best case- something I'm quite jazzed about. Its a nice way to start this 'early' morning. Hopefully, we'll all do a fun retreat in Goa or Thailand or something. It does help to have me and Peepu on the same 'broader' case team.

Adding to the joy of this early morning is Continental Airlines, who have recently become a part of Star Alliance, helping me merge my SIA miles with my Continental miles, and sponsoring a vacation to South East Asia for me.

Speaking of travel, my UK visa is done and now I'm waiting for the Schengen. I'm excited but sometimes unsure of the holiday. See, I have to go to the UK because my friends are all there. Then, we planning to head to Amsterdam and I interrupted that with 2 days in Paris (I take full blame- Paris is entirely my idea). The concern is that Paris is awesome, and I won't want to leave it. I don't care as much for getting high in Amsterdam. But I heard they're cooler things there. So, lets try it. We're trying to get this cool hostel right in the middle of the city. The other sad one is that both Paris and Amsterdam have their sales starting only in January.

Finally, I've been making chocolate and tonnes of it. I start on Sunday mornings and end in the afternoon; feed my friends through the week. I feel like aunty chocolat!

I'm off for my workout, playing Meatloaf in the background. Rock and roll dreams is my Meatloaf favourite.

Edited to add:

Fun fact about me: I have 3,000 travel plans of which not even 3 are likely to materialize. I can't work if I don't have travelocity or makemytrip open in another window.

Fun fact #2: I have over 3,000 articles on different places I want to visit, and there are times when I wonder what I’m so happy about. That’s when I open this folder to depress myself a bit, and establish normalcy.

Fun fact#3: When I really want to test someone’s affection for me, I float the most random travel idea. I judge them based on their response. For instance, recently, at 6:00 am, I called Peepu from the airport, suggesting we go to Andaman and Nicobar islands. I finally shut up when I realized it takes 18 hours and costs Rs 34,000. But he’s so sweet for agreeing 


The White Phoenix said...

This post has been done with a sole purpose to turn people green. From Goa to Thailand to Uk to Paris to AMSTERDAM to CHOCOLATES ... grrrrrrr. I am green with jealousy. The only part where I dind't go green was you waking up at 6:30. :)

Star People said...

Hahaha, believe me, I've edited the post, to address your comment :)

The White Phoenix said...

aaah!!!!! peace is restored ;)

gaohui said...

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