Monday, October 5, 2009

So early in the morning

Why in the world would you wake up at 4:00 am, when you have a flight at 6:20, and you live less than 7 minutes from the airport?!?! Don't ask me. About 30 minutes before my alarm went off, I decided it was time to rise and shine. I'm not shining right now. So what do I do at this point? I'm wearing White salwar-kameez, so don't feel like lying down and ruining its shape. Its 4:30 am, so not very nice to wake the folks up. I could head to the airport and watch people until I board. Or I could sit here in my room, at 4:30 am (yes!), listen to Red FM and attempt writing a post.

Work has lately not been giving me much time. I clocked over 95 hours last week. This week is likely to be a 70-75 one, but even 70 implies 14 hours a day you know. And I live an hour's drive away from home. No, I don't know why I do this. But I like it, more often than not.

I did take a couple of weekends off. There was Agra, which was not entirely personal but fun any way. Then, last week I went to Sohna, where I had an absolutely fantastic 2 days. Of course, this was interspersed with moments of doubt and sadness, but that's all right. Smooth sailing is over-rated.

And hey, this week, I'm without a blackberry. I had withdrawl symptoms, like I couldn't sleep the night before even though I turned in by 11:00 pm. But last night, was peaceful. And now, I think I'm getting used to it *secret*. May be I won;t get it fixed.

I'm off to Hyderabad soon. Thank you world for making tele check-in, the ipod and ham and cheese sandwiches at Baker street (that's a cafe, not the pretty part of London. I live in India!!).



Ravish said...

You've been doing a lot of work.

Anonymous said...

hmmm ...

Join the gang eh. Just finished a 24 hour shift. Will start a 48 hour shift tomorrow and then have a 5 hour afternoon list to anaesthetise for in a different city.

That counts for a good 100 thie week.

Anonymous said...

all blackberrys across the world should be killed and buried, that's what i say.

Are you moving to Hyd then??

Star People said...

Chandni: No no no, I love Hyd, but I could never move to a small town (or city, if you wish :)). I visit every week on work, for 9 months!!!!

chunxue said...

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