Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So me

Every morning, for many many months, I have been having the same breakfast. 2 slices of wheat germ bread, with half a sliced tomato in between. And every time I have it, I land up in this blissful state. Its not because of how awesome it tastes (Its tomato after all), but because it totally defines the morning. It totally defines my morning.

Giving it company is a Medium Americano from Costa, which I pick up on my way to work. I no longer place my order at Costa. They see me and make it. That's not great when you wonder if its because how little your likes change.

I'm in a pretty demanding job but still, the first thing I do on plugging my computer in is check for news updates, Google homepage to see if they have a cool Google logo celebrating some random event that falls on this day (Loved the eclipse- see below) and highheelconfidential to pat my back for dressing better than these chicks, although with much less money. I used to check facebook, but I don't live there any more.

Without ever planning this out, I spend at least 15 minutes each morning looking up places I want to visit, ticket fares and do a mental roundup of people who may be interested in coming along with me. Yesterday it was Jaipur. And earlier this week it was Portugal, D.C and Palo Alto. The latter two seem realistic since there's a longish trip to the States coming up. This morning I looked up Portugal again.

I keep several moisturizers on my desk, and these are from all over the world. Of the 4 of them, 3 are largely unused. They have the candy-store/romantic night out smell. I always pick the almond hand cream, because it has no fragrance. I had bought this myself, in Singapore, when a colleague told me that hands are the first to show signs of aging.

Then, just before I start work, I check calorie counters to see how bad the tomato sandwich is for me. I do this every day. The answer is always ~150 calories (73 per slice of bread, and about 10 for the Tomato)

By now- 9:00 am- every day, people start to come in. I pull out my ear phones, turn on the music and tune in to work.

The first song on the list today is Deliver Me, by Sarah Brightman (Brokedown Palace OST). Its my good morning present to you.


Miss M said...

Wow you can put on your ear phones at work? Some cool job you have!

And yes the girls in singapore are very conscious about how their hands look. As in, even my colleagues used to apply moisturiser on their hands every now and then.In fact one friend used to spray water around her cubicle once in a while cos of the air-conditioning absorbing all the moisture and all. I used to find it weird, but I guess ultimately its good for you.

First time here! :)

gaohui said...

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