Thursday, June 25, 2009

I think I’ll die at an airport

Hahahaha! Have you ever met a VP Finance & Strategy of a world leading company who tells you he’s at the airport to catch a flight to Delhi where he’s going to meet a girl who he has been chatting with on the phone for over a month? He’s probably a little less than 50 and the girl is half his age- they met over a wrong number. He moved from the Southern hemisphere to Bangalore only a month back, and in his first week met this wonderful sardarni on the phone. He used to be married and has two boys- in their mid-teens. He loves his two sons, who he managed to steal from their mother after she left him to live with another man. Of course, I say ‘steal’ because he went under cover with his sons for a few years, until he came back and surrendered and this time, won his sons back through lawfully- fair and square!

We were on the same Spice Jet flight. I wasn’t going to believe he was VP when I saw him at the Spice Jet counter, until I realized he probably didn’t believe I was a senior consultant for the same reason. I spent 3 hours with him at the airport. He also gave me pointers on driving from Cape Town to Cairo. I’ve dreamt of it for 18 months now, I’ve GOT to do it in the next 12. Any way, I hope he has a nice evening with his phone friend.

I’m flying back to Delhi and haven’t waited for a weekend as much as I’m waiting for this one. Nothing special, I just have lots to get done. Plus, I think I’m too non-desi and feel like I need to get a few colourful salwar kurtas. Also, I think it’s awesome that I haven’t shopped in over a few months. I’m no anti-shopper. I like new clothes a lot- like my white dress, its got to be great, since it’s the second time I’m blogging about it in 2 weeks. But I don’t like how clothes and shoes have become the latest members of people’s lives. Any way, I don’t like most forms of obsession. Music and movies are totally forgivable though! Ok ok ok, we all have our vices and I just named mine. (On obsessions, music is totally my biggest obsession. I’m pretty sure this has something to do with why I say ‘pardon me’ 300 times a day. I like movies a lot too, but this is recent. In the last 12 months, I have tried to make up for the 25 years of virtually 10 movies. Contrary to what most people think, I’m not addicted to books. I like reading but I’m not a crazy reader who would die without a book. I carry a book most of the time but its because you never know where you get stuck. I like maps a lot, and hence the sense of direction of a police dog.I have less than 30 pairs of shoes, and every time I buy a new pair, I dispose one off. I do have a lot of clothes, running into several hundreds, but that’s more because I take very good care of them, and I still fit into what I wore at 17. Plus, I never really follow crazy fashions, so very few things in there are unwearable. I like body oils and lotions, but can do without them again, especially those that make you smell like a candy store or strawberry tart. I do like those with a neutral smell a lot- Clinique, C&E, Forest Essentials and Victoria’s secret’s non-fruit collection. I’m addicted to coffee, and all I can say to all those cancer warnings is ‘whatta way to go!’. A few things I’m not addicted to but I’m unlikely to give up….ever: Cheese, beer and love. Now of course, if I develop an allergy to milk products, get diagnosed with liver infection or have my heart removed, I’ll have to, but lets all fold our hands and pray that never happens).
Bangalore was great! My clients are fabulous. The main person I interact with is twice my age, Southern Eastern, from Jacksonville I think, and we get along great. We have quite a bit in common. We are both very close to our families. Just like me, he likes the Mid-west a lot more than the East coast and he finds Bangalore free-spirited too. He also treats religion as very private, and likes my country just the way I like his. Soon, I’ll head to Naperville again, on the other side of the world.

I’m pressing my palm against the warm window on the plane, and the light of the setting sun. I’m listening to Trouble Sleeping, from the O.C. The song reminds me of all the wonderful times I’ve had trouble sleeping, because, as the song goes, I’ve been thinking about what you said. Many of us find our nights full of movement, characterized by lack of long, sound sleep. Some have nightmares, some have panic attacks, and some just use the restroom too often. I wake up too, but for none of these reasons. I just wake up to walk up to the window and think about what you said. I won’t share the song, but listen to it any way, and live my life- just for one night. Don’t do it if you aren’t alone.


the white phoenix said...

Interesting that VP guy was. And I consider cheese and beer to be like roti aur paani. How can one do without that :)

Nic song Indeed.

Btw, since you are in town now, do we expect rains this weekend :P
Did I hear you just say "pardon me" to that :)

gaohui said...

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