Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Wednesday morning, 7:29 am. I just finished Yoga but before I run into the shower, I want to put this down.

Some times we get so pulled down by smaller things that aren't working out for us, we lose the bigger picture. After a long conversation on complex matters of the heart with Peepu last night, I was all ready for 7 hours of undisturbed sleep. I woke an hour and a quarter back, and realized I had dreamt several times last night, of imaginary situations where matters of the heart pull me down. My first thought after waking up this morning was "what about all those big dreams?".

Really, what about them? when will they come back in to claim their rightful place? when, along the line, did life become all about conversations, Friday beer and matters if the heart?

I have to go and shower now....but I'm wondering if I should light the fire


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