Monday, July 4, 2011

Jazz in my coffee cup

As I spend more time alone, I blog more frequently. This time, I’m sitting in Starbucks which is literally inside the hotel. I had sushi for lunch and then stopped next door, tempted by a scone with a cup of Black.

I love 4th of July. While I have little affinity for the day as independence day, its just one of the nicer days I’ve spent in Boston this trip around. For starters, I came down to the coffee shop in the morning, and reviewed my team’s work from here. I had a working coffee with Pankaj right here- work is much more cheerful over coffee and good music. Soon after, I headed out to return some unnecessary purchases I had made while intoxicated by the sales and blinded by an aspirational weight loss target. All is well since then- the clothes have been safely returned. Of course, I did end up getting myself something else with the money saved- a scented candle in a beautiful silver stand, and a cut-out back dress- much more my size this time. (Urban Outfitters is my new fave store...its just so free)

Boston was warm today. While I walked back from the store, I could feel the sweat drip down my back. I came back and did one hour of yoga, a variant much more strenuous than what I usually do. As a reward, I prepared a nice hot water bath. Warm water, bubbles all over me and a good read made for a quite a reward. I stepped back down for lunch (though a little late in the day) – tuna tartar, miso soup and seaweed salad. I managed to review more work along side lunch and also send off a work plan. After that, it was coffee, which brings me back to where I am.

And tonight, it’s going to be 4th of July fireworks by the river Charles. Who needs sunshine, right? Well, to put things in perspective, I have had a rotten stint this phase. The 4 weeks I spent here last month and then last week when I came here the 2nd time, have all been nothing to write home about. I don’t like saying this on the blog but work has just not been fun. I can’t put a finger on it- it’s probably just the high expectations the last experience set for me. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have a day when I feel more positive.

What explains the cheer is also the fact that we’re booking our honeymoon, and we’re booking it slowly, piecemeal. We’re mostly done with it save the last few bookings. And it’s such a joy. We consciously didn’t do one earlier, just given family’s expectations, work demands and then April wasn't exactly there best time to go many places. In hindsight, what an awesome decision! In less than a month, Peepu and I will take off on a 3 weeks long journey across South East Asia. We start down south, in Kovalam, and then head over to the lovely KL. There’s a ton after that, but hopefully not too much packed in to 21 days. We’re staying 3-5 days in each place. In fact we’re spending very little time in the cities- just transit time. I look forward so much! To the ocean, the river and yes, the waterfalls!! We will live by the river, stare at the sunrise from our balconies, make love against the sounds of the ocean, travel by boat, drink beer on the chilly evening sand, eat food the taste of which varies between towns, and all the other good things. Touchwood :) Please do :)

The Jazz. Its playing in the cafe. Its in everything I think and do right now


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