Saturday, July 2, 2011

Comptine d'un autre ete

Another long weekend in the States. Another long weekend with myself in Boston.

Comptine d’un autre ete plays in the background. My faint knowledge of French tells me it means ‘song from another summer’ . I like it more because I feel free to interpret the title a different way each time. This time its about the summer I’m in. This summer that I’m living.

Staring out at Boston down town, wondering how warm the visible sunshine actually makes it outside and whether I’ll need a jacket through the day once I step out. I’ve just brewed some coffee. It didn’t brew well the first time so I had to replace the pod and its much better this time. The whiff spreads through my room and blends with the smell of the mist I’m wearing. I will soon switch hotels. I like the W but its some times too fancy for me. The Westin is relatively boring, but it also has a pool. It's the July 4th weekend and I got some very nice swim wear at an agreeable price. It's a shame not to swim then. Peepu’s mom just called. We caught up with me sheepishly trying to see if she’s even slightly mad at me being complete disconnected. I want to be much better at this but I’m not. Her conversation also reminded me that its time I call my folks too. I wish I were better at staying in touch.

This weekend is all mine. I’m alone and I don’t feel like working. I probably will not for most of it. May be I should loosen up and let things get screwed up, since that’s what my fear is.

I think I’ll step out now. To see what the rest of the weekend is like.

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Anonymous said...

Calling your folks may seem difficult, but it would indeed be helpful to you and your folks. It may be an unnecessary advice, but felt like dispensing it.

Hope you had a great weekend.