Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nice times these

Its Republic Day soon, but I have pride of a slightly different type. These are good times to be alive, and here are a few things that make them more interesting

1. The recession.

Its a real one, and that is the reason I like it. My day and age saw too many people getting too rich, in too short a period- almost unreal. I don't enjoy the agony people are going through but I do love the perspective and humility its brought in. Even in myself, I can feel the change. Touchwood, my job isn't in danger- far from it, but these times have helped me think harder about my own goals, value what I have but not revel in it, and feel better about not subscribing to the Jimmy Choos and LV bags way of life.

2. Obama.

I'm definitely among the millions who're optimistic of the gorgeous new president of the United States of America. I love him for being non-white, having Harvard on his resume (Yes yes I'm a stickler for Pedigree, and have the highest standards therein), walking out of a party when a stripper walked in, disliking trousers that hang on the behind, loving Indian home furnishings, opposing the Iraq war from the beginning, and for being elected when I'm young, energetic and always looking for inspiration

3. Fitness.

I love fit people. I love how people are increasingly taking immense care of their health and their bodies. I find obsession with dress sizes (or even the mention of it sometimes) quite annoying, and don't equate fitness with flat-chested, ass-less women, or buffed up, gym obsessed men. I like being fit because it lets me prance around, breathe well and not tire easily. That's the size of it.

4. Living my youth in India.

Until a year back, I used to be quite fickle-minded about my decision to move back to India. May be because I didn't see a lot my peers doing it. I mean, while several hundreds moved back, I saw very few of my classmates/age groupies do it. I don't blame them- good money, great life and a lifetime ahead of them, where moving back could happen any time, so why the rush. I did it because I had made a commitment I couldn't break. But I wasn't entirely sure of my decision then. The last year gradually helped me develop conviction in India. My long term plans were always in India, but it was only recently that I decided that my short term will be here. I can't comment on my long term (given my love for several things American), as the long term seems kind of far. Obviously, I do grace other countries as often as I can.

5. Freedom.

I mean the freedom to choose the way you want to live. The freedom from image management! The freedom to be normal. And the freedom not have doctored responses to every situation.

I'm glad its not like the 1960s or 1980s when individual freedom was restricted because of norms set by the society. I'm also glad its not like the 1970s or the 1990s when it was almost uncool to not break away. I admire those who did it then. But I like that I don't have to bother now- there is no need for image management. I can totally be the girl who drank a bit last year but wasn't labeled for it, or the girl who doesn't drink now and is still not uncool. Even if its not this way, its good no one bothers enough for it to reach my ears. I like that I'm not longer straight-jacketed into a 'type' because of what I'm momentarily interested in (Ok, I don't mean I as in me, I mean anyone like you, or me). I like having the freedom to like shopping without being labeled a shopaholic, or go trekking without being regarded a trekker, or read the Newsweek or the Vogue without belonging to any of those 'types'.

Its a long weekend tomorrow. I'm driving along the East Coast with friends from school. Oooh, and A R Rehman got 3 Oscar nominations for Slumdog Millionaire. Its week 2 on my computer and I still love Jai Ho.


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