Sunday, June 24, 2012

A world of our own

It’s a Sunday evening spent in Bombay. I’m sitting on the bed at the hotel, and Peepu is sitting on the couch facing me. We spent the weekend at Sula Vineyards. I visited after 4 years and its changed a bit, for the better. We didn’t get the private bungalow this time, but the small resort is just as lovely. The weather is just perfect! Its chilly, with a mild drizzle every now and then. Its green, and there’s a lake. I went biking, after 19 years, and wasn’t too bad at it. Fit as ever.

When we arrived at Sula on Saturday morning, we spent the first few hours cozying up in the room. Last weekend, I had force-shut the last season of Desperate Housewives before the last two episodes, only to save them for this weekend. It was one of the best finales I have seen. I think it was the underlying fun in even the most severe situations.

And now I’m facing a recurring and temporarily severe situation. Peepu leaves for Delhi in a few hours, and even though it’s a few days each week, it makes my heart sink. Or turn blue. Or something sad. I soon get to work…and then this short weekend, so much like a dream, will be over. Just a cold breeze, a late night walk in the vineyards, a few glasses of local wine, and sharing coffee in the balcony over a few songs….that’s all it was, but yet so precious.

I turned 29 this month. I can feel the age. It has brought so much experience, learning and goodness that I can only look forward to the years to come. I have pulled back a lot. I meet fewer people. I take fewer photos of myself. I shop less. I eat good food. I have brought back the music in to our days. I spend a lot of time outdoors, and even more in physically challenging my body’s limits. I have de-cluttered life- of people and things which weren’t adding much. Of course, there are many that do (people and things), and those stay in. And this way it works just fine. Tw!

The music is ‘Wonderful Wonderful’, all thanks to Desperate Housewives. And to Peepu, for making this life wonderful. Here’s a line for you… from the song and from our private lives

Some quiet evening, I sit by your side and we’re lost in a world of our own. I feel the glow of your unspoken love, I’m aware of the treasure that I own. And I say to myself, its wonderful, wonderful, oh so wonderful my love. 

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