Sunday, March 13, 2011


All right, so it’s a month to our wedding and all was well, until I started attending some more weddings. I thought the season finished in mid-Feb, and April was a nice, dry month to get married in, but a couple of friends picked March for their weddings. And after attending these, I’m convinced, Weddings freak me out. I haven’t had a doubt about marriage and am happy to plunging in. In fact, so much that its fair to imagine me as a jungle monkey, swinging by a rope and plunging in to the water (do monkeys swim- I don’t know!).

But then its weddings….

I look forward to my own as I’m excited at the thought of all my friends converging here for a few days, me finally getting some time to take care of myself, looking pretty, and then just the fact that it’s in the summer. I love summer and I don’t know why more people don’t choose this season to get married. Georgette and Chiffon are beautiful fabrics and flatter a woman so much. That’s about my own, but what perplexes me is how insanely bored I get at other peoples weddings. From close friends, to distant cousins- its all the same. I’m made to dress up in beautiful outfits and smile like I’m enjoying myself. But I really don’t. These days its slightly better because Peepu accompanies me to share my annoyance. Earlier, when I was single, I would still go to friends’ weddings, but I used to be alone. Often, I didn’t used to know anyone there, but again, I had to go. I believe if someone invites me to some place, its almost rude to not go. So even its half hour, I need to show my face and stay just about long enough to hug my friend who’s celebrating a big day, have a glass of wine and come back. At one such event (an extremely nouveau-riche event), I knew I wouldn’t know anyone so I even took a magazine with me.

In other, though slightly topical news, I also attended a good friends’ wedding yesterday. With much hesitation, I went. I met some people I used to know, briefly, a few years back. It’s a group (my friend excluded- he’s really nice), that has me tongue tied, and almost nervous. They’re just like me in terms of their back ground and exposure but then there’s this inability to talk in me, when I’m around that lot. I finally figured out what it was and will try to articulate it here- when every statement you make has to be dripping of cool, and needs to be one which, if evaluated, could potentially make it to ‘the great list of coolest statements of all time’ – I stop to fit in. A conversation there feels like a competition in coolness. So any way, Peepu and Dad thought it was quite funny. I spent about an hour there- much of it spent guzzling beer and watching an extremely unfortunate match between India and South Africa

So you know how much I like red lips- bold, red lips? I’ve discovered fuchsia lips this spring. I’m sitting in a coffee shop, in a strappy white and brown dress, with a hot pink mouth. I love how everyone’s looking. Here’s a pic

No post is complete without an update on my job: all goes well, really busy but of late, I’ve developed a sharp interest in technology and the internet. When this stops to interest me, I’m going to get in to Tech. And I’m also going through this feeling of self-scolding. I’m upset I’m a Consultant. It’s a great job but I have no depth of expertise. So when I do decide to something else, I’ll take a 2 years hit, and join a tech firm at a slightly more inexperienced level, so I can re-learn without the fear of being constantly evaluated and in a rush to hit externally set professional milestones. Pretty good plan uh- I’m happy to have figured out a backup. Because in the short – medium term, between the firm and me, I see one of us wanting to take a break from the other.

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