Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali!

Its Diwali eve. I'm back in India, and sitting alone in my apartment in Gurgaon. I was at mum and dad's place last night but decided to spend a night alone. Peepu is in the hills with his family.

I realize growing up really brings with it these physical and psychological changes. I chose to be alone tonight. I miss being with mum and dad, but also feel like this evening was much needed.

The windows are open, and the whole city is beautifully lit. Even Gurgaon looks beautiful. I spent the evening at Harpreet's place, chatting over scotch and sausages. Sumit is out, so I have the apartment to myself.

I'm listening to my fave playlist, and just happy with this moment. I was going to say joy, but no- comfort is a better word. There is comfort in being INFP.

Most of my posts are about love, travel, and loneliness- no?

So let me write what is on my mind, when love is away, there is no travel for the next *two* days and I'm alone.

*I have a friend's facebook profile open on the next tab. She started fun, went to cool, went to 'statement cool', traveled the whole world- to an extent I can't imagine can be fun, went about getting experiences you read about in Chicken Soup etc, and got ALL of them, and now updates her fb status every 15 minutes. No reactions. Just puzzled.

*I'm listening to Mary Hopkins's 'Those were the days'. Papa used to sing this to us when we girls. He gave it a lot of emotion. I used to start crying at the end, because I didn't think good things should go

*I got a lot of respect at work today. I secretly cried

*Women- these days they all want to look the same. Film stars, friends, colleagues....straight hair, bright coloured dresses, expensive stilletoes and thin arched eyebrows. I find being run of the mill scary. I like maintaining my individuality though it makes me 'less pretty'

*I hate people who judge/taunt children under the age of 18. I think its unfair and morally wrong. I was a victim and spent my initial few post-18 years defying in ways I could have avoided

*Madonna looks fabulous without a bra. I wish I could too. If I go without a bra, I would stop traffic!

*On Monday morning, Peepu and I leave a 7 day road trip in Rajasthan. Its why I love him! Just that I really want 7 days of being on the road with him. A week of driving, stopping by at lavish, semi-lavish and run down places, and just everything else

*I miss Vani being around more often

*My blog is public but so safe. I love my visitors,. Even the passers-by, who don't even read

Happy Diwali folks. I'm listening to Is it time, by the Eagles, and slowly drifting.

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