Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do it, Shut it, Forget it?

Following on from my last post, some times I wish i could just do it, shut it and forget it. I'm talking about work.

I have nothing to complain about at work- its busy but its dynamic. And it gives me so much confidence, and exposure that I can't undermine. But it also comes at costs. Like this constant feeling that something needs to be done. The heart thumps like I would imagine a surgeon's would. And I'm not doing anything world changing. I'm only sitting at the Leela, having sent all my mails out, wondering what else needs to be done. I don't think it works this way from everyone. So in case,any of 4-5 readers know of a shrink or self-help group, please send me their number.

In other news, I got signed up for this training, which is considered to be a 'matter of honour' at many offices, but also means I'm now away for a month. I love it but I don't want it always. So in the next few weeks, there's going to be many blog posts (since I trust face book less, and have also been accused of opening my whole life out there)- one for each place I visit.

Here's my itinerary (starting last Saturday:)): Boston-Delhi-Bangalore-Hyderabad-Bangalore (today)-Bombay (12 hours) -Delhi (stopover)-Boston-Caribbean islands (hopeful)- Boston-Houston-New Orleans-New York- Virginia-Delhi-Kovalam -Delhi (final stop!)

My lovely friends, please hope it all goes well and I come back smiling to my world of family, love and plenty of joy.


Ramya said...

Wow, your itinerary sounds awesome! Girl, is your firm hiring? I'd love to work in a place that lets me travel like this!

By the way, I'm going to be in Kovalam too! In mid-august. If you're there around the same time, maybe we can meet up.

Star People said...

Hey, Ramya!

Thanks for visiting babe- how're things with you?

The work is great, the travel fabulous but I won't say I don't miss home. You'll see a lot more blog activity this month....partly driven by me missing people back home.

I'm in Kovalam in Sep :( But where do you live (which city?). I travel so much in India, and we should catch up DEFINITELY- will be fun!

Ramya said...

Hehe...the grass is always greener on the other side, even if only a little greener. I rarely travel on work, so I do envy people who get to travel as much. Though I'm sure I would be missing home to if I did travel as much.

I'm in Bangalore. Drop me a line when you're here, and we SHALL catch up!

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