Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not thinking about tomorrow

The title's borrowed from Kid Rock.

All right, so I'm done with a 10 months long case. I thought I'd die on this case (because of how long it was, not because it was difficult), but it looks like we made it.

I'm wrapping it up now, after a phenomenal meeting with the Chairman earlier this week.

Not a lot happening at my end, or actually a lot happening- depends on how you look at it. I had a splendid weekend in Bombay. I spent most of it meeting old friends, and chilling with Vani, including getting happy over wine and cooking. Also, checked out a few neat places to hang out in Bombay. Net net, I came back with 2 new (almost new) pairs of shoes, one summer dress, the skill to cook Jeera aloo in the microwave, and a few good friends to count on, in the city.

On my flight to Bombay, I ran into 2 interesting gentlemen. One was serious, and the other quite happy. I met them in the shuttle on the way to the plane. Obviously, I kept rambling about why I was heading to Bombay, what's nice about both Delhi vs Bombay and how airports have become a nightmare now. On my way out of Bombay airport, the happy dude (who was a round, trade commissioner or something from Europe/North America- won't say anymore) gave me his card, asked me to give him a call if I wanted to get dinner, winked at me and left. A bit ewww! The serious guy was nicer and clearly very sharp. We spoke a bit, and then he gave me his card, asking me to stay in touch (and not so he could do dinner with me- not only am I much younger, but he's totally out of my league). He turned out to be the ex-Head of a large firm and now runs another reasonably big firm. By the end of it, I liked the serious guy way more than the happy one. Sort of inspiring! You know, when you work in the world of business, corporate and all, its difficult to not turn into a freak if you don't occasionally run in to inspiring people like these.

Mum leaves for the States tonight. Its the first time I can't think of what she should bring back for me. I was there only early last month, so I did stock up on Express blouses, sweet smelling slippery smooth lotions from B&BW and VS and lost titles from little known publishing houses. While I'm on that, I picked up a book called "Lets call the whole thing off" from Brussels airport. Its a collection of stories on Love Quarrels- not just boy-girl love, but even best friends, partners in same sex relationships, and parents. Any way, I'll decide closer to the date, but as of now, I can't think of anything I really need or want.

Plus, I started Yoga. You know, to get a Jennifer Aniston type of Yoga-body. I'm about 18 kilos away but I'm hopeful. Ok, not 18 kilos but easily 10. I AM about a stone lighter than I was a year back, but that's not enough to keep me happy. I don't like stick-thin though. I like it on firang bodies but Indian bodies look nicer fuller. Any way I',m not much into how people look. I find perfectly fat people attractive too. What I don't like is the unfit-types. Like the guy who promptly runs towards the couch in the restaurant, and plonks himself there. He literally needs to be extracted out of his seat as he clearly doesn't see a reason to move his ass once he's fit it firmly (firmly?) into the couch. I like fit- fit is hot! Obessive is not. I once used to have a really good friend who would often comment on even the slightest gain in my weight- in an almost disdainful way. Like I was gaining weight because I was unfit, lazy or a glutton! Any way, this one was quite a bitch at times.

The boys (they're actually chicks but its too SATC types to say that, so I call them boys)and I are planning a weekend thing, to do a repeat of Pondicherry. We owe it to the world. I don't think I've said it in so many words, but my school friends are filled with awesomeness. They're quite a solid lot.

Overall, I'm in a bit of a spot. Most of life is great. Rather, life these days is more exciting than I had ever wanted it to be. I mean, I always wanted life in my twenties to be one hell of a ride, and I think this is the point when I can say I'm there. It reminds me of Veronika Decides to Die....just like her, I have it quite nice these days (touchwood!!!)....the only difference being that I don't plan on OD-ing on sleeping pills.

Its probably the right time to listen to All Summer Long.


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