Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Too many may bes

Hardly feels like Tuesday. Got a fair bit done at work, but managed to get home well in time.

I was generally blog-hopping when I came across the 1000th reason I absolutely love Freida Pinto. She shops at H&M!! More recently, I've been getting extremely annoyed with Affluenza-hit people. People (yes, a lot at work!) turn almost any conversation to one about big brands or lavish holidays or Armani skirts as if I care!! I have no interest in handbags or women getting together and squealing at them- this time Burberry or Dior ones. Any way she shops at H&M, and despite all her gorgeous red carpet outfits (I'm sure she had a dozen for all those events where Slumdog won lots of awards), she shops where I do.

Sunday night, Sumit and I were catching up on each other's lives and happenings when he mentioned he's absolutely kicked about the recession. His reasons were similar to mine- humility, people being more laidback and overall a sense of 'now lets all relax'. Now there's two of us. We'll start a we-love-the-recssion camp. I don't love it, I like it. I don't like it when people close to me lose their jobs. So may be not. Any way, he's all booked for the wedding too. Yay!!

I haven't been seeing much of Peepu these days. Although he's around, he's moved to the other side (most unlike him to move to the noisier side). May be this Friday I'll find some time with him. Most of our conversations have me talking and him listening, adding his characteristic 'Be like me, all I do is work'. May be I'll have one of those conversations this week.

I saw two movies this evening, both in part though (Its a weekday! Haw!!)- American Pie Beta House and Serendipity. Both mindless, but fun any way. Serendipity would not have been as mindless if they hadn't pulled it so far. Had it stopped at them meeting at the wedding hall the first time, I would have identified with it. May be not. Not sure.

My hair's wet so I'm off to blow them dry.