Thursday, September 11, 2008

In one day....

Happiness: Non-straight hair looks good
Sadness: Despite the diet, the skirt doesn’t fit
Happiness: Skin is glowing, all thanks to the toner
Sadness: No good music on FM this morning
Happiness: Find parking in L1
Sadness: Backpack breaks on the way from the car park
Happiness: 6 flights of stairs and no loss of breath
Sadness: Press the option for Cappuccino instead of Espresso, and not to waste
Happiness: Win music quiz
Sadness: Case work re-starts after a day’s break
Happiness: Finalize Wine tasting in Nasik
Sadness: Need to leave on Sunday instead of Monday
Happiness: 5 days in Goa that follow the wine tasting trip
Sadness: Not thin enough for new swimwear
Happiness: Apple pie for lunch
Sadness: The afterthought
Happiness: Sort out nasty email from
Sadness: New supervisor seems hierarchical
Happiness: Thursday beer appears achievable
Sadness: Parents call saying they expect me to accompany them to a wedding; beer plans cancelled
Happiness: The wedding is a friend’s and I get myself excited about it
Sadness: Turns out to be his brother’s, not his (Yeah, I’m not tuned in)
Happiness: Win foosball amateur level-I against 2 big boys
Sadness: Cancel beer plans to attend wrong wedding
Happiness: I like the smile.....
Sadness: I convince myself I’m being superficial. And succeed
Happiness: Leave office early, and drive in the rain
Sadness: Asshole taxi driver smashes the front of the car (extreme sadness followed by sobbing, followed by bawling- in the rain, on the highway, in a skirt, and a wet shirt, and more Gurgaon cabbies savouring the show. Bastards! )
Happiness: Mum and Dad are lovely, especially after accidents. And I am excused for not wanting to go for the wedding
Sadness: Still, the car. All the sweat and blood that went into buying it. Sob!
Happiness: Pizza and diet coke (Thin, whole wheat crust, with extra cheese)
Sadness: The 7 day diet becomes the 6 day diet
Happiness: School friend, who I haven’t met in 10 years, calls twice
Sadness: I miss his calls, and then can’t get through to him
Happiness: Its Friday tomorrow, and weekend fun begins
Sadness: The move is more real
Happiness: Nomadic life continues
Sadness: The sad moments it sometimes brings
Happiness: The excitement shan’t end so soon

The music.....Kiss Me....


SeArChing-MySelF said...

hehe...thsi 1 is real cool
and much easier to comprehend...

good work

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