Saturday, September 13, 2008

Confidence city

And the day I re-read the 'After Scotland Yard' Chapter, Delhi's shaken. 5 blasts across Connaught Place, GK and Gaffar market have rocked the city. All plans are cancelled, there are bloody scenes all over news channels, women are being carried to the hospital by the locals, cops are selfessly trying find the 9th bomb, messages are pouring in from friends and family , there is extreme quiet in the city. And then there are small things that have us worried.

And then we know, tomorrow those worries will come back. The city will be back and running. Alive and Kicking, as the cliche goes! Women will shop in GK, counterfiet mobile phones will be bought in Gaffar, the metro will run, house parties shall happen, the bodies will heal, may be the hearts won't. Really, will it all be normal soon? I don't care if its Hindus or Muslims, fanatics or normal people....they are trying to stop life in Delhi (Pth: I could go on about religeon, but its enough to say I'm a part of the camp that believes we should go easy on god). This is terror. When you're scared on going for a movie on the weekend, for a fanatic may be planting his next accomplishment there. Isn't that the entire purpose of what they call terrorism- to terrorize the shit out of a perfectly innocent and vibrant set of people! I don't think I want to let that happen to me. I'd rather die of a bomb in a bar, than of fear or boredom at home. Mighty aggressive statement from me! The fun and games shall carry on!

The music.....Khuda Ke Liye

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