Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lite flight!

And this time I’m drinking on my flight from Minneapolis to Boston. What’s not to love about in-flight internet? And 96 calories of Millet Lite

I’m on whirlwind trip to the States. And just a week back, I was wrapped around my husband, kissing under the strong sun in the green waters around Chicken island at Krabi. It feels like the honeymoon ended and I made my short stopover in India while I was sleeping, and I woke up next in Minneapolis. I worked a lot this week. It was the harshest but best way to dive right back in to work. I enjoyed it. Friday should hopefully offer a few light hours before I board the plane back to Delhi.

The other major happening lately has been the fact that I kept my work outs up this trip. Of the 5 days here, I managed to exercise on 3 of them- already. Not too bad eh! I worked 15 hours a day and still managed the workout. And now, with just two more nights in between, I will be back with Peepu.

Its days as busy as this one, when I love life the most. I fondly miss Peepu, furiously type away on my computer, drink to keep it enjoyable and listen to Black Eyed Peas to make sure I can make a memory out of it.

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