Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Megha decides not to die

This week isn't likely to be intense. But that doesn't stop me from coming in at 8:00am. Only better traffic can stop that. And coming in at 8:00 isn't so bad when you've been up since 5:45 am.

I'm bored of Facebook so I'm writing a blog post. Have you heard that before? I substitue Facebook and Blogger

And then, I have an entire bag of jelly beans in my handbag, which is keeping me on a perpetual sugar high, making me annoyingly chirpy at times.

I noticed something this morning while I drove to work. They were playing 'We didn't start the fire' on FM 95 and I was, as always, singing along aloud, checking myself out in the mirror and even dancing as much as the confines of the driver's seat permitted. I looked around and saw people in the 2 adjacent cars looking at me wonderously, like I was some sort of psycho. I don't blame them. But after that I couldn't help but notice all along the highway, that people heading to work don't smile. Whether it was passengers in Chartered buses, 8 young executives shoved in to a van, the pretty young girl driving her Santro or the accomplished senior manager chauffered in his Camry. I started to think why I always smile on my way to work, when I realized I smile on my back as well, and on my way to the coffee shop, and on my way to the salon, and on my way to the loo. Ok, I don't ALWAYS have a purposeless smile plastered on my face, but what I'm trying to say is my default state is a happy one. Not gleeful, excited, euphoric (that would require pot or Ecstacy), but happy.

Now, I'm at work and I'm asking myself why it is this way. There's a lot that's conspicuously missing in my life. I could work less than 70-80 hours a week, could be thinner, could have a beautiful boyfriend, clear skin, better clothes, nicer hair, kick-ass luck- all of these I want, but don't have. But still happy? Yes,happy. And what I do have- nice job, nice guys around me, strong support group, pretty dresses and of course, good music- comes in probably because its attracted to cheeriness inside.

Yes, Happy, but obviously not content, which still isn't so bad, given the number of grumpy faces I see every morning.

Did I forget to mention I had a kick-ass weekend. I made appetizers- Devil eggs and Chicken Croquettes- for 8 people, spent lots of good time with Vani and met up with a lot of people I knew back in IIM. I met some of them after nearly 4 years! Others, who I have been running in to on and off, were great too. Awesome party, familiar friendly faces and some more.....and that is all.

Overall, TOUCHWOOD!!!

I'm 6 jelly beans and 2 gummies down, plugging my ear phones on, to listen to REM. The title is inspired by a fictional character Veronika who had almost everything, just like me, but not enough, just like me. She decided to die.


SGB said...

the jelly beans are awesome ! and so is the post :)

PYT said...

Awesome post,awesome jelly beans...thnks for not sharing em btw. And I think U must share those 2 recipes....on ur blog.

naman said...


6 months of awsomeness !! ..nd wat else ? d more i read ur blog d more i love it !......

"star-people" is one of d collest things i find on web dese dayzz (thnxx to ur orkut profile !)

oh intro >>;)
Naman gupta..... 12thie....

Anonymous said...

They say that happiness is a state of mind. Well, I agree. While coming to work, I see a lot of pretty ladies who look as if they would broke down soon. Not that people don't smile here, but I believe Bangalore needs more people like you.

I have not read 'Veronica decides to die' but I'm going to finish it soon.

Nice post.


Anonymous said...


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