Friday, April 17, 2009


My dark circles make me look like a racoon. Sigh! Its just sad how perfect faces never develop such blemishes: its only the imperfect ones that gets more imperfect. Any way, I think they lend more personality to my face- you know interesting faces vs pretty dumb ones. I get the prize for an interesting face.

And then I get a message from FYI. Sigh, every once in a while, dear FYI, I miss what I knew of you.You know, I liked you more after you left, because I now know I miss people I knew for a few weeks way more than others who I spent a lot more, and seemingly significant time with- because its the spirit and not the time of the association, that makes me your fan!

Any way, back to my life. Mum's back, with my favourite Clinique cream and a summer dress (at a size I can't mention, honest. But a size that wouldn't have fit me last year).

The week was eventful. At the start of the week, I spent my unstaffed time very usefully, traveling the length and breadth of Delhi, literally internalizing what I love about it. Day one, I hung out in South, visited the book store and went for Papa's coursemate's son's wedding. Tuesday, I went to Lutyens Delhi, spent a few hours reading Kennedy at Cafe Turtle followed by an hour at Bangla Saheb, causing tremendous confusion on what to do with the prashad- eat it before or having it blessed or otherwise. Day three- kaka and yuko joined me in our tour to Chandni Chowk, devouring Paranthas and Kulfi. We went ahead to the red fort but by the time we got there, we decided against checking the place out and chilled in the lawns instead. Now all these places aren't new to me. I've been there several times, but they're so close to my heart, I need get a dose every once in a while. Now, I'm staffed on a new piece, in a new industry with a new manager. So far, all good on that front.I need to sleep on the weekend!

And some where during the course of this post I decided I will NOT worry about my dark circles. I choose to sleep less- there's so much else to do. Imperfections are cool, plus worrying about my face? Hey, I'm not that sorta girl any way.

I'm going to read Dragons of Eden now, which gives me lots of good dope on intelligence, the human mind and evolution.

Edited to add: One upside of dark circles is I NEVER need more than a line of Kohl to make my eyes smoky (and tempting)


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